Segments of the Adult Industry

What is the adult industry?

We live in a society that passes as one of the most advanced civilizations in human history. The progress that humanity has made over the years has resulted in more open and less restrictive perception of what passes as work and socially acceptable. The things considered taboo and unthinkable have become a non-issue. This has opened a new trend of adult entertainment which is regarded as the adult industry.

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The adult is industry involves businesses which are explicitly or implicitly trading sex-related services and products. The adult industry is better referred to as sex trade. The sex industry is also used to describe the adult industry and involves activities such as strip tease dancing; strip nude dances and hostess clubs. Sex-oriented publications and magazines such as play boy, sex movies and sex toys also form a big part of the adult industry. Other related activities and parts of the adult industry include fetish and BDSM paraphernalia. In reality, the adult industry extends to cover television sex channels and websites which sell or produce pre-paid sex movies. Adult movie theaters are also a great part of the adult industry and so are physical and online sex shops.

Segments of the Adult Industry


Prostitution is mainly the well-known part of the adult industry and involves sex for pay in a brothel or the client’s hotel room. There are all sorts of places that prostitution can take place really. It is common in the streets of major cities around the world and suburbs as well. Persons involved in prostitution are either at a social consensus or under a legal framework under a either a brothel, strip club, bar or massage parlor.


Pornography is also a great part of the adult industry which mainly involves the portrayal of sexual intercourse as the theme of a video to purposely arouse the consumer. The pornography part of the adult industry also offers pornographic model photography, books, postcards, drawings and sculpture to entertain the audience. The performers or players in the production of pornography are well paid to compensate for their work and time.


Escorting is also a popular segment of the adult industry and involves companionship services, such as Girlfriend Experience (GFE) packages and sensual massages. Escorts are paid for their work and clients are offered intimate companionship as per their personal preferences.
The adult industry simply offers entertainment that is meant for consumption by adults in its raw form without filters or restrictions.


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